KELLIA Products

Online digital Coptic dictionary

KELLIA members Frank Feder and Maxim Kupreyev of the The Berlin-Brandenberg Academy of Sciences and Julien Delhez of the University of Göttingen created a digital lexicon of Coptic. Amir Zeldes and his student Emma Manning created a web interface for the lexicon, which is available as a standalone website and is linked to Coptic SCRIPTORIUM texts in the normalized visualization available through the web application and ANNIS tool.

Online Coptic Natural Language Processing (NLP) service

KELLIA member Amir Zeldes created a web application and a machine actionable API that simultaneously runs Coptic SCRIPTORIUM's Natural Language Processing tools. Users can input text, including XML tags, and the online NLP pipeline will tokenize, normalize, lemmatize, and tag the text for part-of-speech and language of origin in SGML output.

Coptic Neural Network OCR

KELLIA member So Miyagawa is creating Coptic OCR using Artificial Neural Networks collaborating with Kirill Bulert (eTRAP/Max Planck Insitute for Biophysical Chemistry) and Marco Büchler (eTRAP).


KELLIA member Uwe Sikora built a converter of XML structrues of Coptic SCRIPTORIUM and VMR

Integration of data from the Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic (DDGLC) into the NLP tools

Information from the DDGLC from the University of Leipzig has been added to NLP tools, improving the language of origin tagger, the tokenizer and morphology analysis, and the lemmatizer and part-of-speech tagger. All of these tools are also available from the online NLP service.

New Besa document

KELLIA partner So Miyagawa has edited and translated Besa's On Lack of Food, which is available on the Coptic SCRIPTORIUM web application for viewing texts and is searchable in ANNIS

Online multilayer corpus annotation editing tool


Coptic WordNet

KELLIA member So Miyagawa is building Coptic WordNet with Laura Slaughter (University of Oslo)

KELLIA E-ditions

KELLIA member Uwe Sikora, Tiffany Ziegler and So Miyagawa created a link and description website about DH projects of digital editions.